About Us

Prestware is a women-owned business specializing in transforming ideas into powerful technological solutions. We work with businesses and entrepreneurs to deliver custom software development that manages operations, streamlines processes, and scales seamlessly.


To help people and businesses bring their ideas to life through technology. We guide clients from ideation to implementation, demystifying the technological process and offering valuable solutions at a fair price.


To empower clients by making technology accessible and effective, helping them build solutions that align with their goals and needs. We strive to bring ideas to life, integrating technology seamlessly into their business journey.


  • Integrity: We prioritize customer satisfaction by educating clients on the solutions they choose, ensuring transparency and trust.
  • Fair Pricing: We leverage global outsourcing to offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.
  • Quality: Our solutions are tailored to meet our clients’ needs, delivering scalable and sustainable products.

About the Founder

Yana Bartek is the visionary behind Prestware Inc, bringing a wealth of experience in business development and technology. This unique background has helped her craft a company that seamlessly integrates both sectors, guiding clients through every step from ideation to implementation.

She has over fourteen years of experience, blending technical know-how with business acumen. This combination ensures Prestware’s solutions are not only technically sound but strategically aligned with clients’ goals.

Under her leadership, Prestware has developed a unique approach that combines expertise, personalized service, and ongoing support. This has allowed Prestware to stand out, delivering innovative yet sustainable solutions.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Unlock the full potential of your operations with our cutting-edge technology solutions. Whether you need to streamline processes, enhance security, or leverage the latest in AI and blockchain, we’re here to help.