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We’re not just recruiters, we’re your partners in scaling success.

Sourcing to Full-Cycle Recruiting

From searching for potential talents lurking in the corners of the internet to guiding them through the full recruiting cycle, we’re like the special forces of tech recruiting. We’re here to take the challenge and the hassle off your shoulders, so you can focus on what you do best – innovating and leading your business.

Executive Search

Looking for a genius to lead your start-up? Or a visionary to steer your established business to uncharted territories? Our executive search is like a treasure hunt, and we don’t stop until we’ve found the best match to lead your team to victory.

Full-Time Placement

From start-ups where every hire is critical to SMB needing to maintain a robust workforce, we scout for active and passive candidates who bring more than just skills, they will complement your culture and talents that propel your business forward.

Diversity & Inclusion Recruiting

Variety is the spice of life; in business, it’s the engine of innovation. We’re champions of diversity and inclusion, committed to finding you talents from every corner of the spectrum. So let’s create a technicolor team that reflects our world and the future we’re building.

Contract Staffing

Need a coding wizard for a short-term project? Or perhaps a robotics guru to guide your team through a challenging phase? We’ve got a battalion of contract staffers ready to parachute into your business and hit the ground running.


Stumped about building an employer brand that sings to the right audience? Or puzzled about creating a hiring strategy that reels in the best catches? Our consulting services are like a tech whisperer for your business, giving you the insights to attract, hire, and retain top tech talent.

Leap into the Future with Prestware Team

Think of hiring as a grand adventure, a quest to find the brilliant minds that will set your business ablaze with innovation. You could embark on this journey alone…
or you could team up with us, your trusted co-pilots at Prestware. Here’s why joining forces with us will make your voyage into the future exhilarating:

Passionate Experts: We find candidates who love tech as much as you do.

Time Savers: We handle recruiting, so you can focus on your business.

Talent Finders: We’re experts at spotting top-notch tech talent.

Matchmakers: We connect you with people who fit your team perfectly.

Growth Partners: We help you scale your team effectively, regardless of size.

Choose Your Path: Our Adaptive Pricing Models

Navigate your hiring journey with flexible pricing that aligns with your business map

Flat Fee Plan

Know your costs upfront with a predetermined fee.

Simplified budgeting regardless of the number of placements.

Perfect for businesses that value predictable costs.

Retainer Plan

Pay a small retainer fee and the remaining only when we successfully place a candidate.

Low risk, high reward – invest in results.

Ideal for companies seeking a few specific roles to fill.

RPO Plan

Let us handle all or part of your Recruitment Process with Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Seamless integration with your existing HR department.

Enhance efficiency and improve hiring quality with our expertise.

Contract/Temporary Staffing Plan

Access temporary staff or contractors for specific projects or periods.

Flexible talent solutions to meet your evolving needs.

Bridge skill gaps and maintain productivity during peak times.

Ready to Propel Your Team into the Future?

Whether you’re a daring startup ready to rocket into the tech stratosphere, a corporate juggernaut aiming to innovate further, or a government entity looking to rev up your public service engine, Prestware is your co-pilot on this thrilling journey.

We believe that the right talent isn’t just about filling roles – it’s about finding the energy that fuels your dreams, the minds that power your innovation, and the hearts that beat in rhythm with your organization’s mission.

So, let’s kickstart your adventure in the talent universe. Are you ready to meet the tech wizards, the robot whisperers, the autonomous vehicle virtuosos who will drive your organization into the future? Join the Prestware family and let’s make hiring magic together!

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